The Beef With Trusted Herd (Part 7)

If you have made it this far, you are probably wondering why anyone would take the time to do all of this? What is the point of going into such detail about Trusted Herd?

Because they are built upon the premise of community while actively poisoning it.

I mentioned in the very beginning of this series that I could not and still can not get over the irony and I meant that. TH not being able to handle negative reviews about their company reputation after building an entire platform centered around industry reputation makes it feel as if TH was never intended to be about the community. It is starting to feel as if TH was simply founder's Brian A. Fox's way of consolidating power within the industry, centralizing him as the go-to expert on all things experiential.

Yet, TH is NOT an experiential company. It is a TECH company and it is being operated as such (Fox actually has two startups, with the second one Swytchboard launching in March 2021). That spells disaster for the live events community if TH is allowed to evade accountability at every turn. Agencies can mandate that a worker leave a review on TH in order to get paid, meaning that a company can easily manipulate their TH ratings. Despite having so much experience in experiential marketing, the company does not provide any resources to either agencies or workers other than job hunting. Even the subscription is based around just proving to agencies that you are a real person and not a robot.

TH is not able to provide the stats that truly matter towards being able to assess how effective the company is in the market. In fact, the company has been making business moves that have caused veterans to start coming up with alternatives. Numerous Facebook live event job posting sites were created to combat the low rates and scams. While this is great for those that know to pivot to these new platforms, this has the potential to pose a danger to those who are looking to enter the industry safely. That sentiment is magnified when you consider that TH does not provide any resources or materials about how to stay safe from scams.

The TH platform is starting to turn into the very monster that it was supposed to protect the industry against. The premise that TH is built upon is now being turned against the community. Instead of it being about the best possible person for the job with the pay and benefits to match, the industry has turned into just finding someone to fill the space in order to collect a check. It may seem that it is inconsequential, that is something that can be seen and felt at events. When the staff is not interested in the brand or the activation, the fans are not as interested in engaging in the activations, which leads to lower numbers. And lower numbers means that agencies have a harder time justifying programs to the brands that are the clients and those brands start to look for more cost efficient ways to market.

Trusted Herd is by no means completely at fault for all the various issues. However, in claiming to be about “event industry transparency”, the intended purpose of the platform seems to be a blatant lie meant to make money off of both the agencies and the workers with no actual return on the investment for either.

This means Trusted Herd can NOT be trusted that they actually heard the industry.

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