Introduction To Event Goat Research

The Experiential GOAT is a live event consultation company that seeks to enhance the experience at live events for those who work in the industry. By providing resources to everyone from brand ambassadors working the activations to the brands that they are representing and all the agencies, production and technology companies in between, The Experiential GOAT allows everyone the opportunity to have the great of all times. 🐐

The Experiential GOAT is divided into several different departments. The research department, Event Goat Research, aims to take a more scholastic look into live events and cultivate the science behind it. Why do people work events? Why do people go to events? How does that change over time? How does technology shape the events industry from both the outside and the inside? This department seeks to not only ask the question but find the answer as well. 🤓

As of the writing of this article, Event Goat Research has launched the initial survey in varies online groups in order to start getting feedback. The response was overwhelming, but not in the way that was expected. That response, however, reinforced the purpose of Event Goat Research within The Experiential GOAT. 💪🏾

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